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  • The company produces seamless steel pipes such as GB, ASTM, etc. all year round, including low and medium pressure boiler steel pipes, high pressure boiler steel pipes, steel manhole covers and rings seamless steel pipes for ships and petroleum cracking steel manhole covers and rings steel pipes, Seamless steel pipe, oil sleeve steel pipe, pipeline steel pipe, hollow sucker rod, common fluid steel pipe, structural pipe, kauden steel pipe, seawater corrosion-resistant titanium pipe and imported alloy steel pipe are used for high-pressure fertilizer equipment. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric, boiler, ship, machinery and other industries, and have been sold all over the country. Many steel manhole covers and rings products have been exported to the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Europe and America.

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Standard Manhole Rings & Covers - BarryCraft

Standard Manhole Rings & Covers. H-20 Loading. H-20 Loading provides for: Two wheel loads of 9,000 lbs. +3,000 lbs. of impact per wheel or; a single wheel load of 24,000 lbs. H-20 products are designed for warehouse trucks, concrete mixers, and tractor trailers.. 1,000 lb. loading Related searches steel manhole covers and rings

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steel - Manhole Frames, Covers & Accessories - Ferguson EJ USA Ductile Iron Stainless Steel Rheemed and Chamfer Manhole Frame And Covers. Part #: E41430025A01

Manhole Adjusting Rings and Riser Rings

Pavement riser rings save contractors a significant amount of money by not having to dig up a manhole frame and cover to raise it during resurfacing. Pavement riser rings are available in solid cast iron or an expandable diameter steel riser. Manhole Riser Rings | JR Metal Products Our rings are dropped into place the same day the paver is in operation reducing the need to reroute traffic. A single turnbuckle with a stainless steel bolt is the only adjustment needed for our Manhole Riser Rings. In a matter of minutes, one person can drop in our extension ring or frame, adjust it, and replace the cover. Manhole Frames, Covers & Accessories - Castings & Cast Iron steel manhole covers and rings Shop for Manhole Frames, Covers & Accessories at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products.

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Cover (625) Frame (577) Grate (6) Hatch Assembly (4) Manhole Assembly (468) Manhole Set (44) Outer Cover (15) More Less; Cover Diameter. 10.01 to 18 (1) 18.01 to 22 (47) 22.01 to 24 (302) 24.01 to 26 (280) 26.01 to 28 (143) 28.01 to 30 (42) 30.01 to 32 (204) 32.01 to 34 (13) 34.01 to 36 (8) 36.01 to 40 (71) 44.01 to 50 (9) 50.01 to * (6) More steel manhole covers and rings

The boiler steel is not only required to have good corrosion resistance at low temperature, but also required to have good oxidation resistance at high temperature for components working at high temperature. Especially for the components of superheater and reheater, when they steel manhole covers and rings work at high temperature, they are required not easy to be oxidized and peeled. Generally, the development speed of oxidation depth at working temperature is required to be less than 0.1mm\/year. The addition of chromium, nickel, aluminum and silicon can improve the oxidation resistance of steel.

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